The  provision of registration for dental hygienist by Parliament of India   was made in dentist act in 1948 in the public interest and as per aims  and objective of dentist act 1948 the provision of dental hygienist was  made so that simple dental aid may be made available to the people on as  wide a basis as possible, and dental hygienist would be entitled to  simple extraction and other minor dental work,  to improve and upgrade  the preventive dental treatment, dental health education and to provide  basic dental aid to the grass root level and last section of society.

The  Profession of dental hygienist is dedicated to prevent oral and dental  disease and create awareness regarding oral hygiene and health by  applying preventive, educational and therapeutic measures.  They have  been posted in Primary health centre, Community health centre and also  in District hospitals like other professiosionals

Prevention  is better than cure and profession of dental hygienist completely  justifies this proverb. It is true if the utilization of dental  hygienist is done properly, the disease of oral cavity can be prevented  at very earlier stage and maximum people including children will be  safely kept away from notorious dental pain, thermal sensitivity and  pyorrhoea like disease, those make the oral health condition very  miserable.

Every  members of ideal dental team stands crucial, and it is equally  important that their duties and responsibilities should be deliver as  per act and notified by different authorities time to time.

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Dh Ramakant Pandey, President

Dh Ramakant Pandey

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Dh Milind Dabrase
Vice president

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